Top 12 Tips for Buying a New Mattress

It seems you can’t watch the evening news or pass by a strip mall without someone trying to sell you a mattress. The seemingly limitless options for choosing a mattress can be overwhelming. This is even more true if you experience back or neck pain—choosing the right or wrong mattress can make the difference betweenRead more

The Problem With The “One Perfect Mattress” Retail Store

The emergence of the “One Perfect Mattress” online business model has captured the fascination of consumers everywhere. The allure and promise of one mattress solving all sleep issues for all body types has spurred a mattress revolution online as companies like Leesa, Tuft and Needle and Casper have poured untold millions into marketing their “OneRead more

Our Press Accolades and Citations are Actually Real!

Have you visited websites to find citations to major press outlets and quotes? Clicking them on can be quite an adventure. Awards and accolades claimed but not earned. Putting the logo of a major press outlet to try and garner consumer confidence is unethical and frankly pathetic. Nest Bedding has been in business for severalRead more

Why Does Nest Bedding Require Certain Types of Bases for their Beds?

When researching mattresses, you will find that every site has it’s own set of policies and procedures on how to use their bed. And this is what sets our site apart from many other mattresses you find online. Many online mattress companies have little to no actual experience selling and building beds, they merely areRead more

Teacher Appreciation Week Contest!

While many of our competitors give free mattresses to celebrities and sports stars, Nest Bedding wants to focus on a most deserving group of people who deserve a free mattress; Teachers. Beginning Wednesday, May 4th and ending on May 12th, send us the name of the teacher you are nominating for a free mattress and tellRead more