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Snowflake Pillow


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Snowflake Microfiber Pillow Extra Soft Sleeping Pillow for Comfortable sleep | 1 Pillow (16 x 24 inches, White)

Product Dimensions: Length 60.96 | Width 40.6 | Height 20.32 in cm | Thickness: 3 Inches | Colour: White with sky blue border | After Compressed: 2 Inch Max | Included Component: Only | Fill Material Type: Microfiber | Fabric Type: Embossed Micro Polyester Fabric.n
Full Support For Your Head & Neck: The pillow is filled with super plush Microfiber which results in a soft and comfortable pillow. It offers great support for the head and neck, waking up with no more neck pain and headaches.n
Lightweight, breathable, high-quality fiber pillow designed to ensure superior comfort and exclusive pressure relief throughout the night.nMade of Microfiber filling, High-density special microfiber fill conforms to the shape of your head and body and provides the perfect amount of fluff, thickness and support.n
This Pillow Provides A Uniform Support Throughout Your Sleep No Matter If You Are A Side Sleeper, Back Sleeper Or A Stomach Sleeper.n
Extra soft fluffy pillows are designed to provide maximum comfort to your head and neck. Filled with Microfiber these provide an optimal level of softness which make them ideal for everyday use. These pillows fit most enhance the look and feel of your bedroom. The comfort factor of your pillow largely determines the quality of your sleep.nSnowflake Microfiber Pillow Are Designed To Provide Maximum Comfort To Your Head And Neck. Microfiber Filled Pillow Provide An Optimal Level Of Softness Which Make Them Ideal For Everyday Use.n
This Soft Sleeping Pillow Is The Perfect Companion For Your Night Sleep. A Perfect Blend Of Soft Internal Fluffy & Breathable Microfiber Makes It A Comfortable Soft Pillow. That Gives You A Cleaner Sleep Every Night. Provides the best support to neck and head Extra Soft Fluffy & Breathable Microfiber Pillow Ultra Comfortable for deep sleep.


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